GitHub Pages Set Up

Today I’m excited to share something incredibly simple…. GitHub has it’s own hosting called GitHub Pages, and it is SO easy to set up!

GitHub Pages allows users to host simple (and some more complex) website and website features, directly from their GitHub project file.

The best part is how SIMPLE it is to set up!

  1. Go to a repo on GitHub.
  2. Click on Settings at the top right.
  3. Scroll down to the pages tab.
  4. Select your master branch to host.
  5. Click save.
In your repo — click settings at the top right.
The Pages tab can be found towards the bottom of the settings list.

That’s it! GitHub will now show you the URL link to access the site.

It’s that simple!

I’ve shared one of my projects below, a silly little sound board project that I’ve made and hosted on GitHub pages — half the fun is playing around, and pressing random keys to see what sounds come out. Some of my favorite sounds included are listed below, but play around and find some of your own favorites!

Some of my favorite sounds to play with:

v = 808 kick

b = 808 hi hat

n = 808 snare

“[“ or space = airhorn (so hot it had to be on there twice!)

c = cat meow

m = cow moo

d = ding dong

1–8 and back-tick = classic video game sounds

Play around and you’ll find some hilarious surprises!

For the official documentation and more on the capabilities of GitHub Pages, click HERE.

Cheers, I’ll see you again soon!



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