Hello friends — This week I will celebrate my official 1 year GitHub-iversary!

Just over a year ago, I had decided (and been slightly convinced by some of my friends who have been developers for years) to take some free online coding classes in preparation for a bootcamp. I decided…

As a young (*not necessarily in age, just in general experience) developer, I have recently fallen in love with TypeScript… sure, it’s a bit more complex to understand and to set up a project with, but I’ve found several main advantages leading me to prefer TypeScript over JavaScript.

While TypeScript…

“Command & Query Responsibility Separation”

I was recently introduced to the concept of Command & Query Responsibility Separation (CQRS), which if you’re unfamiliar, once explained will make perfect sense to you as well.

The basic concept is that every method should be either a command to perform an action, or a query that returns data…

If you’ve ever built a React application of any decent size, you know just how quickly state management and passing props can get out of hand.

The Flux pattern was designed by Facebook to assist with how data flows through an application, and while Flux itself is now in “maintenance…

Most people have probably heard the word “semantics” tossed around at least once in their life. It’s a word that sort of defines itself… but until I really took a step back to think about what it means, I didn’t exactly get the full picture.

Semantics literally means “the meaning…

When it comes to API’s most people are initially introduced to and continue to utilize RESTful conventions, but GraphQL has been getting more and more popular in recent years. Today we’ll discuss the differences, and some of the benefits of utilizing GraphQL.

A comparison of a simple request and response using REST vs GraphQL

What is GraphQL?

Taken straight from the GraphQL website: “GraphQL is…

Jordan Panasewicz

Denver, CO based. Software Sales turned Software Engineer.

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