Seven months ago I was presented with an idea…

The idea was to turn my focus from Software Sales to Software Development.

As a creative individual who had just spent 6 years in sales, this seemed like the most frightening and exciting idea I’d ever considered.

I graduated last week from Flatiron Schools Software Engineering Immersive program in Denver, and could not be more excited about the decision I’ve made, and the future it holds.

In a mere 7 months, I went from “what does that question even mean?!” …

If you’ve ever built a React app, chances are you’re familiar with React Router.

If you’re not, or need a refresher, React Router is basically what makes React so powerful in building single page web apps.

Through using React Router, we can manage the navigation of our web app, creating routes so that certain pages or ‘components’ appear when a user clicks on a link.

This is perfect for your header & footer as navigators for your website / web app.

Click here for the official documents.

Installation and Use

Follow these next few steps to get started with React Router after you’ve…

When starting a new api to use as a backend, Ruby on Rails makes it as simple as could be. One simple command sets up a full backend environment, including an SQLite database.

rails new --api filename

I am now of the mindset that I will, for always and ever (with one exception), add one extra addition to that command to start up my environment as a PostgreSQL database. At the end of the previous command, simply add:


Both of them are RDBMS’s (Relational DataBase Management Systems) and they are both SQL databases, which means you can query using…

Coding can feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube.. With each twist you might seem to be getting closer on one side, but the same twist that helps one side, messes everything else up.

Each time you get closer to the final solution you are presented with a new problem, and are forced to think of other ways to solve the full problem at hand, not just one piece of it.

Let me introduce you to Herbals — my Mod2 project for Flatiron Schools Software Engineering program. Mod2 is essentially weeks 4–6 of coding school. …

2020 was a year that most of us will remember very well.

For some, it was a year full of challenges. For others, it was a year full of opportunities. And I think, for most, it was a year full of both.

For me, 2020 started off as the best year of my life. I was in my 5th year working in sales at a small Denver based start up, and spent the month of January celebrating my 30th birthday with a solo snowboarding trip to Japan. I was eager and ready to continue my career trajectory by looking for…

Jordan Panasewicz

Denver, CO based. Software Sales turned Software Engineer.

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